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Scenes From My Office, Act Two

  • Stage lights rise. Dumbledore sits behind a desk covered in balled-up tissues, coughing loudly. Various half-empty bottles containing cold remedies are on the ledge behind him. He takes a tissue out of the box and forcefully blows his nose.
  • GossipGirlOnBlast enters stage right, holding a piece of paper.
  • Me: Here you go, Dumbledore.
  • Dumbledore: (murmuring) Thank you.
  • Dumbledore lurches over his desk in a coughing fit that lasts several seconds. GossipGirlOnBlast removes a pair of latex gloves from her back pocket and puts them on.
  • Me: Now, may I have that paper back please.
  • Dumbledore looks up at GossipGirlOnBlast with surprised, bloodshot eyes.
  • Dumbledore: Why?
  • Me: That's Voldemort's copy.
  • Dumbeldore smiles weakly and hands GossipGirlOnBlast the piece of paper. GossipGirlOnBlast exits stage right, skipping.
  • Dumbledore: God speed, my child. God speed.
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