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Scenes From My Office, Act One

  • Voldemort enters stage left, enveloped by a black mist. Swirling his cape and throwing it over his right shoulder he speaks...
  • Voldemort: You're taking way too long on this project! This isn't some intellectual exercise that you can just take your time with to explore!
  • GossipGirlOnBlast raises her head and looks at Voldemort, petulantly. She lifts her teacup off of its saucer, takes a sip, and replaces it.
  • Me: I understand. And you have my assurances that I have absolutely no intellectual curiosity about this project whatsoever.
  • Voldemort: -_____________-
  • Voldemort exits stage left, glowing red eyes just visible through the black mist.
  1. choronda said: Oh, damn. Actually, he’s a dumb cunt.
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